Crude Oil Washing System Model 2571

Orbijet model 2571 is a Crude Oil Washing system that is designed to clean large hydrocarbon storage tanks with solvents, water, and chemistry solutions such as our proprietary microemulsion chemistries. Orbijet model 2571 has the capability to create a recirculation loop within the tank to be cleaned via the selected tank cleaning machines thus dislodging and mixing the tank bottoms to be carried away via the return pump system to our proprietary solids separation system where the fluid stream is reduced of solids to less than 300 micron.

The solids fraction is discharged to holding bins for further treatment or disposal and the aqueous phase is returned to the tank skids for continued recirculation in the tanks to be cleaned until all solids are removed from the tank. Our oil/water separation skid can be engaged for side stream polishing of the aqueous stream thus reducing the oil in water fraction for remediation of the fluid streams and recovery of the oil or microemulsion chemistries can be used for a more complete recovery of the oil and remediation of the solids. The required heat source is supplied via our boiler skid and power is supplied via our power generation skid. Tanks are inerted with our Nitrogen Gas skid. Each skid frame is uniquely designed for on land and offshore use. The majority of the system is PLC controlled from the primary pump skid and connection to other skids are via an RJ45 data highway.


  • Explosion Proof
  • Master Control Skid
  • PLC Controlled
  • Solids Separation
  • Oil/Water Separator
  • Inert Gas Skid
  • Power Generation Skid
  • Boiler Skid
  • Hydraulic Return Pumps
  • 2 Tank Skids
    • 10,000 Gallon Surge
    • 3,000 Gallon Chemical
  • Tank Cleaning Machines
    • Scanjet SC15TW
    • Scanjet SC60A
    • Scanjet SC90T

General Specifications »

Boiler SkidTo provide steam to the pump skid
Chemical InjectionYes; for mixing of solutions in one or both of the tank skids
CommentsSee data sheet for detailed information or call Orbijet at +1 281.218.9400
Construction CodeANSI 150# Maximum Pressure 270 PSIG (18.62 BAR)
ControlsPLC with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
Explosion ProofYes; According to Class I Div I
FiltrationSolids separation system; consisting of Shaker and Hydro-cyclone technology
Inert Gas SkidTo provide nitrogen to tanks being cleaned
MakerOrbijet, Inc.
Materials of ConstructionCarbon steel; painted
Maximum Flow0-1,600 USGPM (0-364 m3/hr)
Maximum Pressure0-175 PSIG (0-12 BAR)
MobilityThis entire system is designed to be Portable. All modules are built with a certified frame for lifting by crane or fork lift.
Number of Modules8 (See the module types in the general description above)
Oil/Water SeparatorOil/water separations skid
Part Number2571
Power SkidTo provide electrical power to all skids
Pump SkidPrimary pump and master control skid
Separations SkidSolids separation of cleaning fluid streams
Tank Skid 1Primary tank skid; surge and chemistries
Tank Skid 2Secondary tank skid; surge and storage
TypeMulti-Tank/Solution Recovery - Crude Oil Washing System

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