ORB2300 is a ready to use (RTU) solvent based chemistry for the dispersing of paraffin in crude oils and hydrocarbon sludge’s. This product is similar to ORB2000C which is a concentrate for use with dilution.

ORB2300 fist acts as a wedge between the wax crystals then changes the polarity of the crystals to a like charge causing them to want to stay away from each other. Additionally the wax crystals are distorted further making the wax crystals difficult to re-attach. As such, case formations will begin to flow more readily with the use of ORB2300.

Processing and tank cleaning equipment for the application of ORB2300 is available from our sister company Tank Cleaning Technologies, Inc.


General Specifications »

AppearanceClear liquid
ColorSlight yellowish liquid
Density (lbs/Gal)6.25
DescriptionORB2300 is a Ready To Use (RTU) product for the dispersing of paraffin in crude oil and other hydrocarbon sludge's.
Flash point °F (TCC)50°F
ManufacturerOrbijet, Inc.
Packaging30 gallon drums, 55 gallon drums, 320 gallon totes, bulk orders on request
Product numbersORB2300-US5 5 Gallon Non-Returnable Container/ORB2300-US30 30 Gallon Non-Returnable Container/ORB2300-US55 55 Gallon Non-Returnable Container/ORB2300-US320 320 Gallon Non-Returnable Container
SolubilityFresh-Water(Dispersible), High TDS Brine (Dispersible), Isopropanol (Dispersible) Diesel Fuel (Soluble), Xylene (Soluble), Toluene (Soluble)
Use concentrationNone, Ready To Use Product
pH Value (concentrate) (IPA: H2O)n/a