ORB3000SC is a concentrated wash aid including a chelant, dispersant, and surfactant delivery system that is typically used to enhance Caustic Soda when used for the cleaning of tanks and/or other equipment where Caustic Soda is the principal cleaning chemistry used. Use in CIP (Clean In Place) Systems, COP (Clean Out Of Place) Systems, and piping recirculation is common.

ORB3000SC has been designed specifically to enhance Caustic Soda so that the removal of organics via saponification is made highly efficient… thus reducing solution time, rinse time, and high reduction of water usage.

Processing and tank cleaning equipment for the application of ORB3000SC is available from our sister company Orbijet, Inc. Website location: www.orbijet.com

ORB3000SC is:

  • “One Stop” Caustic Soda Enhancement System.
  • A highly efficient surface tension reducer; thus improves cleaning
  • A highly efficient water hardness control agent
  • Low foaming and ideal for cleaning applicaitons
  • Rinse efficient; thus reducing rinse times and water usage
  • Production efficient; thus increasing batch process capabilities
  • Reduces Caustic Soda consumption and Set Point Values
  • Reduces energy consumption through enhanced cleaning efficiencies


General Specifications »

AppearanceClear liquid
ColorSlight yellowish liquid
Density (lbs/Gal)6.25
DescriptionORB3000SC is a caustic soda enhancer that highly improves the efficiency of caustic soda solutions. Reductions in caustic soda consumption and highly improved cleaning will be experienced. ORB3000SC also controls the water hardness enabling better/faster rinsing.
Flash point °F (TCC)50°F
ManufacturerOrbijet, Inc.
Packaging30 gallon drums, 55 gallon drums, 320 gallon totes, bulk orders on request
Product numbersORB2300-US5 5 Gallon Non-Returnable Container/ORB2300-US30 30 Gallon Non-Returnable Container/ORB2300-US55 55 Gallon Non-Returnable Container/ORB2300-US320 320 Gallon Non-Returnable Container
SolubilityFresh-Water(Dispersible), High TDS Brine (Dispersible), Isopropanol (Dispersible) Diesel Fuel (Soluble), Xylene (Soluble), Toluene (Soluble)
Use concentrationNone, Ready To Use Product
pH Value (concentrate) (IPA: H2O)n/a

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