Heavy Oil Sludge Treatment

crude-sludgeOrbijet microemulsion products are highly effective in removing heavy oil sludge from lagoons, storage tanks or other reservoirs. The Orbijet products break down the viscous heavy oil sludge resulting from mid- and downstream processing and storage of crude oil. Our unique chemistry is not based on polymers and backed up by a portfolio of 12 international patents and patent applications.

We sell to service companies, contractors and refineries and provide technical support where required.

The Orbijet products split the heavy crude oil waste in oil, water and solids. The result is:

  1. Recovered oil
  2. 70% less solid waste to disposal

The recovered oil is generally returned to the processing facility or stored while water and solids can be disposed off or treated as required by local regulations.

Orbijet microemulsion oil sludge removal products are:

  • Fully soluble in water for dilution
  • Used with success on over 40,000 tons of waste

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